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Seymour is a Fosters’ Award-nominated comedian. Having practised being daft from a young age, he joined a street theatre company in 1989 and spent his twenties performing improvised comedy street theatre in various locations around the world including The World Expo in Portugal, an amusement park in Tokyo, a stint at the Millennium Dome in London and various locations around Europe and Canada. Following a stint in the mid-nineties as a professional clown in Tokyo, Seymour began performing stand up comedy in 2001 and has been a professional stand up ever since, including 10 shows across 9 years’ worth of Edinburgh Festivals, and SEYMOUR’S CORNER, a variety show pilot for BBC Radio 2. Seymour’s 2015 show, Niche As F*ck, was nominated for the Edinburgh Comedy Award and enjoyed a 2016 run at London’s Soho Theatre. He regularly performs at many of the country’s top comedy clubs, most frequently at The Stand Comedy Club, Newcastle, and has appeared in a number of TV sitcoms, including HEBBURN (BBC2), IDEAL (BBC3) and THE ANGELOS EPITHEMIOU SHOW (Channel 4).

Credits Include:
NICHE AS F*CK, Edinburgh Festival and Soho Theatre